The Movement Blueprint 

The Movement Blueprint is an established and successful platform, founded by Tom Bliss and Harvey Lawton, developed with the sole intention of having a profound impact on your health  and well-being from its very foundation, the body and its movement.

Our bodies have always been designed to run, jump and lift however the demands of the modern world unfortunately dictate otherwise. We aim to mitigate this by re-building popular thoughts and beliefs. Learning to move without pain is something we believe everyone should have access to, regardless of time and resources available.

We aim to re-engineer your movement patterns but more importantly broaden your understanding of what your body is capable of through movement. Moving poorly not only reinforces these deficient movement patterns but also triggers a whole host of inefficiencies. Putting more time into moving well therefore enables you to compensate less, move with greater freedom and results in a greater overall efficiency. 

The Movement Blueprint is already an industry-leader in online group coaching & we aim to expand rapidly into corporate health & well being.


Online Programming 

With their combined expertise, sporting backgrounds and joint passion for athletic development we deliver unparalleled programming & online support on a monthly basis. Within this they encapsulate the fundamentals of human movement, strength, conditioning and corrective exercise to get you to your goal in a constantly challenging and innovative way. 

They will reshape your movement through mobility & video screening, guide you through your personalised program and facilitate daily accountability via their online community. Challenging you with their constantly varied programming, corrective exercise & movement based sessions they believe they have a winning formula.

To take action & join the movement for the next months block of training, please hit the tab below.

The 'Be more human' series

The ‘Be More Human’ series is a 6 week series of group sessions and workshops for delivery in your facilities, either at an in-house gym or studio space.  The series is designed to counter the effects of the corporate world on the body, health and productivity. In addition we deliver one off workshops and seminars, which are available upon request. 

Weekly group sessions cater for up to 25 at a time covering everything from mobility to strength. Each session will be specifically tailored to those present.

Workshops will consist of:

  • Why Health is more important than competing for performance
  • Our approach to Movement, Health and Wellness
  • How to train for life
  • Practically based Seminars
  • An affordable online platform of exercises, mobility routines & programs 

Why? The facts show that active employees make for a happier and more productive workforce. Moving poorly not only reinforces deficient movement patterns but also triggers stress, stiffness & inefficiency.


Employees with unhealthy habits are causing sustainably higher levels of lost workplace productivity

Why online?

In an industry strewn with utter nonsense particularly online, Tom & Harvey want to do better, much better. They will give you valued & accurate content in an easily accessible way which can be digested quickly and acted upon. They want to exude quality in terms of information provided and programming given. This is their USP & ultimate driving force.

Their goal moving forward is to gain momentum, building an extremely well valued online community, and to expand rapidly. 

core Objectives

  • To provide current, relevant & accurate information 
  • To make content available to all, not just our one to one clients
  • To be THE best online program, leaving no stone unturned, facilitating your goals in an injury free & sustainable way
  • To go above and beyond. We are fortunate enough to have @BuffBoxMeals, an industry leading performance on board. We are looking to bring Buffbox to our workshops and seminars further down the line

All in all, Tom & Harvey are meticulously planning to provide a platform full of passion which will motivate, develop, educate and give you real & sustainable results.


for more information on the movement blueprint's workshops or to join the monthly programming list please hit the tab below.