Breakfast Hacks

"I don't have time for breakfast" is almost as preposterous as Donald Trump wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border! Unfortunately, its something I hear all too often; whether it's out of sheer laziness or not knowing what to put into you body I'm not too sure... BUT the problem needs to be rectified. Apart from the obvious one, getting up earlier!...this post aims to clear up breakfast time, to show you how the correct foods can effectively fuel your body with limited time available. As the old sarge (Royboy) once said...Prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance. I tell you what, he's not wrong!

Hack #1 - Overnight 'soaked' oats

- 100g oats
- 1 banana
- 1 scoop chocolate whey protein
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 
- 2-300ml semi skimmed milk
- 1 tbsp Almond/peanut butter
- Desiccated coconut (optional but nice)

This can be made on a Sunday (for example) and will last for days (with 2-3 servings per 100g of oats). Simply mash up one banana, add your oats, 1 scoop of protein, cocoa powder & 1 tbsp of almond butter. Then add your milk until the mixture is extremely soggy (the oats will absorb all of this). Leave in the fridge overnight, simply take out in the morning throw some raspberries/ chopped up banana on top, add some 0% total greek yoghurt and Bob's your uncle! Oats are a fantastic source of slow releasing energy and will keep you going throughout the day. Feeling hungry mid morning? You need to address how you fuel your body when you wake. With the busy lives we lead, your morning bowl of coco pops isn't going to cut the mustard. Don't overlook the simple cold hard facts that nutrition implemented and consumed in the correct way is the KEY to a happier and healthier body. 

Hack #2 - Freezer/fridge ingredients for a smoothie in a ziplock bag

Having a 'Nutribullet' or smoothie in the morning is my go to. Rather than faffing around for 5 minutes trying to locate all the ingredients in the fridge/cupboard put them all in a ziplock bag. Simply transfer them into the blender when ready, whizz and go. It's that simple. Here is my go to Nutribullet that I have most mornings before the gym:

- Half a green apple, 
- Handful of kale
- 1 frozen banana
- 250ml of almond milk
- Almond/peanut butter
- Squeeze of honey
- 1 tbsp 'Nutribullet Superboost' powder
- 1 tsp spirulina & wheatgrass powder (optional). 

Whizz all of these ingredients up for a delicious shake. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Hack #3 - Protein Balls

Grab and go with these balls whenever suits! Simply roll the ingredients below into small balls and throw some desiccated coconut on top (yes I love desiccated coconut).

- Chocolate/vanilla whey protein powder
- 1 tsp cocoa powder
- Peanut butter
- 1 mashed banana
- Drizzle of Honey
- Desiccated coconut
- Vanilla extract (optional)

Hack #4 - Sweet Potato & leek Rostis

- Sweet potato
- 1 Leek
- 1 egg
- 1tsp flour
- Salt & pepper
- Chopped chilli (optional)

Taken from Joe Wicks 'thebodycoach' these are a wicked way to get some tasty nutrients into your body. Make a big batch of mixture the night before, squeeze into rosti shapes and leave in the fridge to set. In the morning, add some coconut oil to the pan and cook 5 mins on each side on a medium heat until golden. Poach some eggs & add some avocado. Easy money.


No excuses come breakfast time. Enjoy!